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Capturing Couture supplies Fashion Camera and Guitar Straps and Bags
We are based in Southern California

Our Camera Straps and Accessories are the perfect marriage of *fashion & function*, using only the finest materials, custom made trims and highly functional hardware. Our product line is proudly Made in USA and embodies the highest standards of quality, now including Guitar Straps, Camera Straps, and Camera Bags. Our detailed designs are infused with luxe materials, bold and playful color, and premium hardware that beg to be noticed.

We take pride in every customer and brand fan we earn world wide, and continuously strive to make every customer’s experience the most amazing it can be. It’s important for our success to happen organically by paying attention to detail and staying true to who we are.
We require that you promote our products in a professional and respectful manner. We do not allow TM or TM+ bidding and misspelling of our brand in any form of search or PPC marketing.